Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Traveling Nativity Christmas Countdown

Grace is finally old enough this year that she is getting really excited about Christmas activities. She even helped decorate the Christmas tree, hanging three cupcake ornaments on one branch and four donut ornaments on another. Because she's having so much fun, I wanted an activity we could do everyday for her to look forward to. I considered an Advent calendar with small activities each day or Elf on the Shelf. But to be honest, both sounded like too much work.

Then I remember something my mom did for a few years when I was growing up. Instead of setting up our entire nativity scene at the beginning of the holidays, she just set up the stable and the animals. Then, we moved Mary and Joseph around the window sills in our house on their "journey" to Bethlehem. On Christmas Eve, we added baby Jesus and the shepherds. And a few days after Christmas, we added the three wise men. 

I purchased a wooden nativity set that is perfect for Grace to move each day. By perfect, I mean she can't break it! Last year, she was fascinated with the sheep from the nativity in our living room. She grabbed it one night, along with the nearby garland, sending baby Jesus flying across the room and breaking a poor shepherd in half. The nativity set is from Mary & Martha for those that are interested!

I however do not have as many windows in my house as we had growing up, so I had to think of a few other places Mary and Joseph might visit on their journey. I created a FREE printable to help plan Mary and Joseph's journey through my home. Feel free to download it and try your own traveling nativity this year.

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