Monday, December 31, 2012

Rustic Pallet Photo Display

I was at IKEA with a friend when I saw a photo display in a sample room that inspired this rustic pallet photo display for my living room.


My husband's family owns an old warehouse, and I discovered that they have piles and piles of old pallets there. With the plethora for pallet projects floating around on Pinterest, I picked up a couple for future use and cleaned them up. A few weeks later, I was at IKEA when I saw something that sparked an idea. I picked up a few white frames and headed home with a plan for one of my pallets.

I put together five boards from the pallet, used stencils and white paint to add 'Oh Brother' and placed four photo frames on the surface. I used some sandpaper to "age" the words. Between Blake and I, we have four brothers and no sisters, so I decided is use 'Oh Brother' and use photos of our brothers. I also added a picture of Blake's dog. We consider him the cat's brother :)


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