Monday, June 18, 2012

Rock Candy Cake Fiasco

Saturday night my family gathered at my house to celebrate Father's Day and my mom's birthday. The weather was gorgeous and it was the perfect excuse to get the patio gussied up. Since buying our house, I've been excited to decorate for a dinner on the patio.

But before the wonderful evening kicked off, I endured a cake fiasc. I've seen a lot of marshmallow fondant recipes lately, and I've wanted to try one. I saw this as the opportunity to try it. Instead of fondant, I ended up with a large, sticky ball of sugar that eventually made it to my trash after leaving skicky clumps of sugar all over my counters, mixer, spoons, rolling pin and sink. After a large clean up effort, I had to turn to a tub of frosting I stole of out of a cupcake kit I'm putting together for a friend.

Finally, I got the cake covered with frosting and moved on to adding the rock candy. I quickly realized that making the cake look as delightful as the one above required way more time for rock candy placement then I had time for after the fondant mess. This was my end result:



I got the cake to a point that it was presentable for my family and moved it downstairs near the patio while I finished up the decor. That was when this guy


decided to sample the frosting and make sure it was up to par.


Despite the cake, the only other unfortunate happening of the night was that one of my brother's wasn't able to make it. He works for an electric company and was in dire need of sleep after a long few days of post-storm power restoration.


  1. Oh well! It still looks lovely

  2. Oh my gosh Pink, that made me laugh out loud! Mostly just the part about your cat eating the cake. Cats just won't give you a break will they?? :) I admire you for even trying that in the first place! Aside from the paw print it looked great! :)



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