Saturday, May 5, 2012

Teachers Rock: Teacher Appreciation Gift

I decided that I wanted to put together some flower pots for my front step and back patio. So, Blake and I hit up a local greenhouse today to buy some annuals. Blake's patience and curiosity make him a natural green thumb. I on the other hand struggle with all things garden related. Today's flower experiment was not exception.

I decided to give up and head in to work on a craft project instead! With the end of the school year approaching, it was time to put something together for my teacher friends. I put together a "Teachers Rock" playlist. I'm not sure this really qualifies as a craft, but it was way more successful than gardening.


I originally started out trying to use songs about teachers and school. But the options were limited, so I expanded my criteria to include songs about the upcoming summer. Here's my final playlist.

1. Summer of '69 • Bryan Adams
2. Rock 'N' Roll High School • Ramones
3. Halo/Walking on Sunshine • Glee Cast
4. School Days • Chuck Berry
5. Smokin' In the Boys Room • Motley Crue
6. Boys of Summer • Espen Lind, Askil Holm, Kurt Nilsen and Alejandro Fuentes
7. Teacher, Teacher • 38 Special
8. Summertime • Billy Stewart
9. School's Out • Alice Cooper
10. Hot Fun In the Summertime • Sly & the Family Stone
11. Summer Wind • Frank Sinatra
12. Summertime Fever • Tracy Byrd

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