Friday, May 25, 2012

Ice Pop Recipe Book and Gift

My sister-in-law's birthday often falls on Memorial Day weekend, including this year. With the birthday landing of the kick off to summer, I felt a summery gift was appropriate. I bought some ice pop molds and put together a little popsicle recipe book.


You can find a printable with all of the recipes below. To put the book together, trim out each recipe card. I also covered mine with contact paper (laminating them would work too). Next, punch a hole in the same position of each recipe card and drill a small hole in the middle of the popsicle stick about an inch from the top. Glue the popsicle stick to the back of the last recipe card, making sure to match the hole in the stick with the hole in the recipe card. Let it dry, and secure all of the cards together with a brad that goes through the hole in all cards and the stick.


Place your recipe book with a set of ice pop molds, and you are all set with an easy, affordable and perfect-for-summer gift!

Ice Pop Recipe Book


  1. Thanks for sharing this- I can think of a few gifts it would be good for...babysitters, kids to make for a Mom's day gift, teacher appreciation etc!!

  2. I would love to down load this file but it wont let me
    scrid wants to charge to download



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