Sunday, May 20, 2012

80s Party Food and Decor

Want some great, easy ideas for an 80s party? Here they are! We had an end of the school year party for Blake with an 80s theme. Below is a rundown of simple decor and food options for an 80s party.



First up, lets talk about food. Turns out that the 80s is the decade we can blame for the advent of junk food! The 80s were all about TV dinners, candy, Mountain Dew, Doritos, etc. I didn't want my entire menu to consist of sugar, so I turned to Facebook. Thanks to some friends who were old enough to remember the hot items as potlucks and parties in the 80s, I came up with my menu.

Being the 80s were all about "creative" candy, I couldn't completely avoid it. I had Pop Rocks and Fun Dip.

Colored pasta was also a hit in the 80s, so I made a Greek pasta salad.

Also on my 80s menu was dirt cake and taco dip, which my informal Facebook research indicated made their rise to popularity in the 80s.

I also had some 80s classics when it came to beverages - wine coolers and of course, Mountain Dew.



Alright, time to move on to decor. I wanted to keep it simple and cheap. I decided to purchase some 80s posters for an easy, cheap way to make a big impact in our party space.

I also splattered a black table cloth with bright colored paint and covered some cassette tapes with neon spray paint for decorations.


My favorite decoration was the lighted cassette tape centerpieces I made. You can check out my tutorial in yesterday's post.


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