Saturday, May 19, 2012

80s Lighted Cassette Tape Centerpiece

As promised, I'm sharing my tutorial for a great 80s centerpiece.

What you need
  • 8 cassette tapes
  • Hot glue gun
  • Frosted glass finish
  • Small holiday lights - I used 35 multi-colored LED lights that were battery operated that I found on Amazon.
How to do it
First, fast forward the tapes so the black ribbon isn't all on one side of the cassette. This was honestly the hardest part because let's face it, who has cassette players anymore? I eventually remembered Blake's old car has one!


Next spray one side of the tapes with frosted glass finish.

Glue two of the tapes together - one tape on top of another. Do this until you have four panels.

Glue together the four panels to form a cube.

Place the lights inside and you're ready to go.

I usually do my crafting upstairs in my office, but this time around, I needed to use the utility room, which Blake uses for his "crafting." Needless to say, his area isn't quite as organized as mine.


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  1. Cool Idea! These would be awesome at an 80's themed party.

  2. This is such a great retro idea! Found you via the Mad Skills Party newsletter! Well done on being featured, you deserve it!


  3. Where did you buy the cassette tapes? Love it

  4. I love this idea! I am doing a "generation party" and I've just found my centerpiece for the "80's" table. So much better than what I was going to do. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Do you think 20 LED battery operated lights would be enough? I found them for about half the price as the 32, however I worry that they might not put off enough light. Thanks so much for the idea. I am so excited!

    1. I tried LEDs actually when I first made them. The light is a little different but still has the same overall look.

  6. You said you used LED lights when you frist made them what have you found that something works better? Also, is the top just left as an open panel? so when you look inside you see the light string or did you close it off with something.
    Thank You!!!

    1. The traditional mini lights looked the best in my opinion. However, I have used the battery powered LEDs as well, which means you can contain all of the cords between the tapes and down have to worry about plugging them in. Pros and cons to doing it each way. I just laid a piece of white card stock paper on the top of them.

  7. How many cassettes will one can of frosted glass spray cover? I am doing 25 of these and trying to get all my supplies together.



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