Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mocktail Mama: Great Gift for an Expectant Mom and Great Summer Drinks for Everyone

I've had a long series of friends who either just had babies or just got pregnant, so I'm going to spend a few days sharing baby- and pregnancy-related gifts.

First up is a Mocktail Mama card I like to give to friends who are expecting.

It's a collection of girly drinks to help expectant moms celebrate their exciting news. It includes six non-alcoholic drink recipes that I've collected from friends over the years and you don't need to be avoiding alcohol to enjoy them. They'd make perfect baby shower refreshments!
  1. Cranberry Cosmo
  2. Watermelon Margarita
  3. Sangria
  4. Non-Tequila Sunset
  5. Raspberry Champagne
  6. Strawberry Colada
You can make your own card or try out the recipes yourself with the FREE printable below. I usually print mine on card stock paper, trim them out and tie them together with a string or ribbon. It's that easy!

Mocktail Mama Printable

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