Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kindness Scavenger Hunt

In honor of National Volunteer Week, I've created a kindness "scavenger hunt." It's a list of small, simple things each reader can challenge themselves to do throughout the week to show that giving of your time to make your community a better place can be easy.

  1. Help someone - this can be anything from holding the door for someone to doing yard work for an elderly neighbor
  2. Pay for an extra - when you pay for your coffee, leave $3 for the next person's tab; or, leave a couple of extra quarters in the vending machine during your afternoon snack run
  3. Give a compliment
  4. Leave a friendly note - try to do this for someone who probably doesn't get it very often, such as a waitress
  5. Pick up a piece of trash
  6. Buy a child a toy - you can either purchase one and drop if off at a charity, or leave a few dollars in the toy section of the dollar store with a note explaining what it's for
  7. Donate to a charity - I work for Mayo Clinic, and because we get high profile patients, people often assume a mere $5 to $10 wouldn't really matter. Truth is, every little bit counts, even for an organization like Mayo. Imagine what it could do for a local charity in your town.
  8. Have some fun by supporting local businesses and organizations - shop at a locally-owned thrift, attend a play at the community theater
  9. Post it - Use a Post it note to post an inspiring message on a public elevator or mirror

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