Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Four Ways to Celebrate Arbor Day - No Yard Needed!

Think you need to plant a tree to celebrate the forty year anniversary of Arbor Day? Think again. You don't need a yard to celebrate. You don't even need a shovel. Here are four easy ways to give Mother Earth a little TLC on Arbor Day.
Want a fun Arbor Day treat? Check out this mint
pudding treat I made for Blake last spring.

  1. Gift trees to others - Consider giving trees as a baby gift, housewarming gift, wedding favor or corporate giveaway.

  2. Donate to help plant trees in a National Forest - Trees in our National Forests might be protected from loggers, but they are still prone to the devastating effects of wildfires, insects and disease.  The Arbor Day Foundation website allows you to make a donation toward programs designed to help replant trees in our National Forests.

  3. Volunteer at a planting event - Just because you don't have a yard doesn't mean that you can't get your hands dirty. The Arbor Day Foundation and Toyota have teamed up to make finding a volunteer event easy through the Plant Trees website.

  4. Plant a tree in your yard - Okay, some of you clearly have yards and want to plant trees in it. If that's the case, many communities, businesses and organizations give away trees for free during Earth Week and Arbor Day. eHow had a great tutorial for planting saplings.

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