Sunday, April 22, 2012

5 Ways to Reuse Toilet Paper Rolls

Each year for Earth Day, I like to show a few ways to use a common piece of "trash." Last year, I did soda bottles. This year, I'm talking about toilet paper rolls!

1. Bird feeder
First up is a quick and easy bird feeder this would also be a great classroom or daycare project. You simply cover the roll with peanut butter, roll in birdseed and place the roll on branch.


2. Gift wrap

I have a couple of different ways I've used toilet paper rolls to wrap gifts. The first option is great for small gifts. I just attached a piece of scrapbook paper to the roll using double stick tape. The I fold in the edges on each end of the roll.

Top with ribbon and you have a great package for a piece of jewelry or other small gift.


 The second option is great for party favors. Fill the roll with candy or other small trinkets in the roll. Wrap with tissue paper that hangs over by 2 inches on both ends of the roll. Tie off the ends and place a piece of scrapbook paper around the roll and secure with double stick tape. I used a simple address label for the tag.

3. Wall decor

Pinterest is full of great ways to use the rolls for making decor!

Source: via Morgan on Pinterest

4. Gardening

Another great idea from Pinterest that will come in handy with planting season just around the corner.

5. Organizing

Again, great ideas found via Pinterest.


  1. Great ideas. I especially like the little gift idea, it might be nice instead of the chocolate advent calendars for my kids this year.

  2. I am never recycling another tp roll, thanks.

  3. Gross, everyone knows that Tp rolls have fecal matter on them. And you want to reuse them as gift boxes or to hang on your wall. That's is so nasty!!!! Let's try to keep people from getting sick. Your just plane nasty if you reuse TP rolls. It's not being money smart,it's being gross.

    1. I agree with the gross comment. that was my first reaction.

    2. OH REALLY! How obsurd!!!

  4. wow how can a cardboard roll wrapped in tp have 'fecal matter' on it? unless you yourself are nasty and when you wipe your butt, u get crap smears all over your fingers cuz your not using the tp in the first place!? geeze! use a paper towel roll if the idea bothers you that much! these are wonderful ideas! i love them all! the wall decor looks difficult to keep together but the others are very creative ideas!

  5. The same goes with other paper products - printed copies of documents, newspapers and wrapping papers - they can still serve a purpose, thanks to the information that you have provided in this post. While most of us simply throw these items away, it is good to know that people like you make an effort to find ways on how to use them for other purposes to avoid wastage.



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