Saturday, March 3, 2012

Free Printable + Sweet Treat = Easy Housewarming Gift

If you want a great, quick housewarming gift, you're in luck! A co-worker and I sold our houses two days apart and then moved into our new homes a mere two weeks apart. Tonight we got together to check out each others' new homes. I wanted to bring a little something but didn't have much time to put something together.

However, I did have time to bake some cookie bars and make a quick printable, and just like that, I had a cute housewarming gift! You wouldn't even need to have time to bake. You could just pick up some favorite candy treats and pair it with the printable.


As long as I was making the printable, I made it with a variety colors so you had options. You can view them in the Home Sweet Home printable

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