Sunday, February 12, 2012

Stained Glass Ice Luminary

By February in Minnesota everyone is sick of being cooped up indoor, so a bunch of ice-themed events start to pop up - ice festivals, ice hockey competitions, ice sculpture contests, even entire bars made out of ice right down to martini glasses made of ice.

In honor of Minnesotan's obsession with ice in February, I'm doing a series of ice related photos this week, starting with a stained glass ice luminary.

  • Make colored ice cubes by filling normal ice cube trays with water and using food coloring to color the ice.
  • Place a small plastic container in the center of a one-gallon ice cream pail. Put rocks in the smaller container to weigh it down (this keeps it from floating away when you add water) and fill the gap between the smaller container and ice cream pail with ice cubes. Return the pail to the freezer.
  • Fill a measuring bowl with water and put it in the freezer for about 15 minutes. You don't want it to freeze, but you want it as cold as it can be without freezing to prevent the ice cubes from melting and causing the colors to run.
  • Pour the water into the space with the ice cubes until it covers all of the ice cubes and return to the freezer (or place it outside if it's cold enough).
  • Once completely frozen, remove from the freezer, take rocks out of the smaller bucket, fill it with warm water and remove it from the ice mold.
  • Run water over the outside of the ice cream pail until the mold comes loose. A little water may seep under the smaller bucket, making a very thin layer of ice at the bottom of the ice cream pail. If this happens, just run warm water over the area until it melts away.
  • Place the luminary in your yard and place candles in the center.
Light up the candles at night and enjoy the colorful glow!Photobucket

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  1. This is such a cute idea!! Minnesota winter hasn't been all that bad this year, can't really complain. Though I do have that cooped up feeling regardless ;)



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