Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our New House!

It was about a year ago when I announced that I was engaged. Now, almost one year to the day when Blake proposed, we finally get to move into our own house. After spending our first three months of marriage living separately with our patents (never an ideal situation and certainly not when you’re 30), we are ready to start the adventure of home ownership.

I’m so excited to share with all of you my adventures with decorating endeavors, conquering my new kitchen equipment and learning to live with Blake and his cat Ferbie. In the meantime, check out some photos of our new place (compliments of the seller's realtor):

Ferbie likes watching birds out the window, so Blake thinks the living room window will be a hit with him. We plan to put a bird feeder out front and the windows are low to the ground so he doesn't have to jump onto anything to look out (he's kind of a lazy cat).

Like I said, there will be decorating endeavors. Things like ... painting with wood paneling in the basement. Notice the table in the background? That's Blake's beloved poker table that I let him buy from the current homeowners.

The kitchen - my priority during home shopping. Not the most fashionable kitchen I saw, but it has plenty of space for all the kitchen gadgets I got for my wedding and cork flooring, which I understand is fabulous. I'm a bit afraid of all of the white. Any paint color suggestions posted below would be much appreciated!

There is a large raised garden ready for Blake - complete with a fence to keep rabbits out. And check out the patio! The more I think about it, the more I think it may be my favorite thing about the house. It comes complete with a porch swing, and I can't wait to spend my first rainy day on the swing listening to the rain.


  1. Congratulations! Love the photos. Can't wait to see more...and what you do with that paneling!

  2. I'll help paint the kitchen! I love your house! It's great!

  3. Congrats on the new home. Hope the move went smoothly and that you enjoy your massage tomorrow! You deserve it.

  4. Oh, you've got a lovely home Jessie. I'm jealous of your spacious living room. And those large windows, they're awesome. Well, you can save a lot on your electricity bill with that, 'coz the windows take in a lot of natural light. :)

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  6. Large windows are absolutely stunning! They provide a scenic view, especially when you’ve got a beautiful view right in front of your window. Aside from the luxury of a good view, windows also allow for better ventilation. I love the idea that your living room has one. It would be quite an experience to just chill out in one of those couches and enjoy the view outside. :)

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