Monday, December 5, 2011

Snowman Chocolate Bar: Affordable, Easy to Make Christmas Gift

Next up is a Hershey bar dressed up like a snowman.

I simply wrapped the Hershey bar in white paper, made a scarf with embroidery string and card stock paper for the nose, eyes and mouth (used a hole punch to make circles). I found these on Pinterest and they originally came from non other than Martha Stewart. There is also a Santa version.

In non-craft related news, Blake and I got to meet the owners for the home we're buying in January. They have done a great job of maintaining the home, and I'm afraid we'll disappoint them! Among the domestic things my new home is forcing me to learn to do is taking care of cork flooring (which will be delightful for baking marathons), redecorating a 70's era home (we have wood paneling in the basement) and gardening (yikes!).

Blake is thrilled because we are getting bar and a bumper pool/poker table with the house. Neither is exactly aesthetically pleasing, so it increases my decorating challenge. But, he is thrilled!

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