Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wedding Decor Week: Program

I've been to a few wedding where they provide little programs with information about the wedding party and couple. I like knowing who the players are and to have something to read while waiting for the ceremony to start.  I wanted to do something similar for our wedding. However, printing those things can be expensive, and I didn't want to break the budget on programs.


I ended up printed all of the text on plain old white paper with black text, then I bought card stock paper in green and purple for the outside cover.


We closed them up with twine string and tied on a little tag with the information that is typically printed on the front of the program.


Here is what I all included in the "guts" of the program:
  1. Details for the day, including a schedule and a map to the reception site
  2. Ceremony participants, parents, grandparents and the ceremony order
  3. Brief bios on the wedding party members
  4. Trivia about Blake and I
  5. The story of how we met
  6. Thank you message

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