Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wedding Decor Week: Centerpieces and Head Table

We'll start with the head table. Blake and I decided to go with the family-style head table. If you are considering it, I would strongly recommend it. It gave us more flexibility to seat people near others they knew in the wedding party, was easier to talk to guests sitting near us and for wedding party members with kids, they were able to have their family sit at a table near their spot.

Here are some specifics on decorations for the head table.
  • I bought a piece of burlap and cut it in half to use a runner
  • Jane Steinkamp, who helped with decorations, did the flower centerpiece
  • We covered the table with candles in a variety of jars and candle holders
  • Name cards and "Words for the Couple" cards were placed at each spot
  • I used Mason jars for the bridesmaid's bouquets



Now on to centerpieces. I really, really wanted flowers, but lets face it, those of us on a budget can't afford those. Thankfully, Jane had a great idea. We used dried hydrangeas (which we got for free thanks to Shelly, a family friend) in Mason jars on half of the tables and on the other half were potted mums (only $5 a piece and my mom considered them her "babies" leading up to the wedding, watching them closely, watering them, taking them in when it was going to freeze outside). The pots were from the farm supply section at Fleet Farm; isn't that classy!

Photobucket Photobucket

Here are the other components of the guest tables:
  • Hydrangeas or mum plant with menu card
  • Four candles
  • Three pieces of scrapbook paper (This was another great idea from Jane to add color without much cost. The photos I have shown both have the same paper combos, but I used about 7 different combinations)
  • Words for the Couple cards and pens at each spot

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