Saturday, November 26, 2011

Personalized Thought Bubble Thank You Card

This past weekend, Blake and I were busy completing our thank you cards from the wedding. I was trying to think of something creative that showed off a bit of our personalities. After spending hours on Pinterest looking of ideas, I ultimately decided to do I take on an idea from one of my Martha Stewart magazines. Even though I used it for a wedding, this would be a great idea for birthday thank yous, Christmas cards or even a sweet Valentines Day card.


We had our photographer take a picture of us "thinking," and then I added thought bubbles using my photo editing software. We each wrote what we would like to use the gift for. Examples included making apple crisp with an apple corer we got and getting a tattoo with the money we received.


The back of the postcards read, "We might not agree on how we will use your gift, but we do agree that it was very thoughtful and generous." We also left room for a personal note, which we used to say thanks and assure people that we will actually be using most of the gifts to help pay for our new house, not get tattoos!


  1. What a great idea and tells the reader that you weren't just filling in the cards, you had put some thought into it.

  2. Great idea indeed. I really liked your description. Personalized cards are awesome indeed.



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