Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weigh Down Your Table Cloth

I secretly want to be Maratha Stewart (only nicer and without a stint in jail). Well, it might not be so secret as I've mentioned it on here several times before. Either way, I like to replicate her ideas. (Along with Pioneer Woman's ideas, the girls from Our Best Bites, and others with an enviable amount of talent). But, this is an idea that I came up with all on my own! No replication, so I'm particularily excited to share it.

It's a little solution I came up with to keep table cloths from flapping in the wind. I know this looks great on movies and in advertisements, but when you're trying to serve food and the corner of your table keeps landing in the red jello or pudding-based dessert, it losses its nestalgic appeal in a hurry!


These are a really fun and cheap solution. All you need is:


1. Washers
2. Magnets
3. Scrapbook paper
4. Gloss glaze (Also called diamond clear finish)
5. Mod Podge

And, here are the steps for making them:
1. Trace the washers on your scrapbook paper.
2. Cut out the shapes out of the paper.
3. Use Mod Podge to put the scrapbook paper onto the washers.
4. Let dry.
5. Cover the side of the washer with the paper with your gloss glaze.
6. Let dry and add another coat of gloss glaze if necessary.
7. Attach to your table cloth by putting the washer on one side of the fabric and holding it in place with the magnet on the other side of the fabric.


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  1. wow. this is a really good idea. so pretty too.


  2. Those are awesome! I am so gonna make some for camping! Thanks.

  3. This is such a great idea and super cute!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. These are so fun, I love that they are magnetic! :) I've featured this post on Craft Gossip here:

    If you would like a "featured by" button, you can grab one here:

  5. Very very very cute! What a perfect table cover.

  6. I luv this idea is perfect because my son loves to move around the tablecloth, also you can make beautiful necklace with these too!! Good job!

  7. Could you please explain step 5:
    5. Cover the side of the washer with the paper with your gloss glaze.

    I'm making these today, and while I have all the materials, I'm not sure what this means.


    1. Sorry about the delay in responding. Basically, you cover the scrapbook paper you just put on the washer with the glaze. Does that help?

  8. These are genius! I've been looking for a way to weigh down my table cloths at outdoor craft shows and these are perfect! I wrote down your blog address to hand out because I have a feeling people will be wondering where I got the idea.

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. What size and weight are the washers?



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