Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weddings, Squeeze Box Hugs, Slip 'n Slides and Mud Oven Pizza

And what do these things have in common? Absolutely nothing except that they were all highlights from my 4th of July weekend.

While Thursday is not technically part of the 4th of July weekend, I wanted to show some pictures of my cousin Mark and his beautiful new family. I'm extremely excited for them all and honored that I got to snap their photos. The wedding was so great that I have blocked the memory of the heat and humidity turning me into a soggy sponge.


Squeeze Box Hugs
When I'm tired I'm a bit like a child - I get irrational and cry for no reason. One thing that I've found to help my irrational breakdowns is a squeeze box hug. If I get a really good hug, I can feel my heart beat slow and my shoulders drop. It reminds of Temple Grandin's squeeze machine, so I call them squeeze box hugs. After 13 1/2 hours at work, limited sleep the night before, three computer meltdowns and three meltdowns of my own on Friday, I needed one!

Slip 'n Slide
After a squeeze box hug from Blake and a good night sleep, I was ready for the weekend at the my parent's cabin. In addition to the normal activities - eating, reading, eating, lounging in the river, eating, napping, eating - we did a test run with a slip 'n slide my dad and brother's wanted to build for the upcoming family weekend festivities at the cabin.
Rolling out the slide.
Yes, aunt Bonnie is sweeping off the
slip 'n slide.
Inaugural trip down the slip 'n slide.

Unfortunately, the plans were a bit too grand, and it turned out to cause more bleeding than sliding. Not deterred, the engineer in the family went to work and came up with an acceptable alternative.

Mud Oven Pizzas
On Sunday night, Sue and Kevin, co-workers from Dakota Electric with a cabin near my parent's, invited us over for mud oven pizzas. Sue was firing pottery in her kiln, which requires around the clock feeding. To help the time pass, Kevin invited my family to join them and some friends for pizza. I don't think he realized when he extended the invitation that we'd bring three car full of family, friends and my high school biology teacher. Still, they were extremely hospitable. Thank you Sue and Kevin!

Sue stoking the fire.
Checking out the pottery. You can
do the same here.

Sue explaining. She did that a lot!



Check out Sue's blog to see more of her pottery!

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  1. It was great having you all join us for pizzas and a few beers. The slip n slide looks like great fun.



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