Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Father's Day Celebration/Gift with Mixed Beer Recipes

Leinenkugel's beer is a favorite of my dad's. Actually, it's a favorite for most of the family. Therefore, most of the family gets the The Leinenkugel Legend, the official newsletter for Leinie Lodge members. The last edition featured a section on how to make "mixed drinks" with Leinie's. For example, a Pink Lemonade combines Summer Shandy with Berry Weiss. My dad mentioned that he wanted to make all of the mixes listed in the newsletter, and I thought, "great Father's Day gift." I gathered all of the ingredients, which amounted to three cases of beer + a six pack.


Not only did this turn out to be a popular Father's Day gift, but also these mixes would be great around a summer campfire. To try them, you can download the recipes on Leinie's website.

Photobucket Photobucket

Last Thursday night when I arrived at my parent's house for wedding weekend, my sister-in-law Megan was ready to begin the celebrating. Not knowing if I would be home for Father's Day, I went to the trunk for my dad's present and we had an early Father's Day celebration/wedding speech practice run.

What to make first?
Pouring the first drink.
Best man practicing his speech. 

Partially related realization about my blog: This past spring, I went to dinner with some co-workers and a consultant who was in town talking about internal news delivery. When I roll with professional communicators, the topic of my blog makes me a little uneasy. My blog doesn't contain the thought-provoking, discussion-starting content communicators strive to produce for blogs. So I typically feel a little foolish when people ask about my blog, and I respond, "It's about crafts and cooking."

But, my coworker Elizabeth (who has a good blog with witty, thought-provoking posts) mentioned my blog. Unable to avoid the topic, I characterized my blog as redneck Martha Stewart to deter any visits from serious communicators.

I realized today that the characterization of redneck Maratha Stewart is pretty acurate. In one week, I've managed to cover microwave meals and use beer to say "I love you" to my dad and make mixed drinks (no Grey Goose here). In many ways I am a redneck Maratha Stewart, so perhaps it is my way to insert my personality, which a professional communicator will tell you is a must of a good blog. So, maybe I'm on the path to a good blog!

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