Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tackle Box Jewelry Organizer

This weekend is fishing opener in Minnesota. This "holiday's" importance is second only to Christmas when you live in the land of 10,000 lakes. I thought I would celebrate with a post about a fishing item that even those of us who don't fish can enjoy.


As a child, I thought the spinners in my dad's tackle box would make flashy earrings (too bad for those awful hooks). Then, when Caboodle's became cool in the 90s, my mom looked at them, and instead of thinking, "Those are neat, I could really use one," she thought, "Hey that looks just like a tackle box, I think we have an old one in the basement that would work great." So, I spent many years packing my toothbrush in a tackle box for family vacations.

A few years ago when I needed a good way pack jewelry when traveling, I turned to my history of combining jewelry, traveling and fishing for a solution. My brothers have small tackle boxes they attach to their waders when fishing. I remember seeing one and thinking that it would work great. And, it does!


It is small enough to easily squeeze into a bag, the compartment sizes can be changed and the hard exterior keeps things from getting broke when baggage handlers (including myself) are less then gentle with my luggage.

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  1. You've been featured! Check out the post and grab a button if you'd like. I love your stuff!

  2. p.s. I'm also from MN, love this idea even more. :) Heather

  3. Oh wow, this is the great idea to safe the jewelry, Definitley worth checking out and I really like your blog..
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