Monday, April 18, 2011

Four Ways to Reuse Soda Bottles

In honor of Earth Day later this week, I thought I would do a quick post to help you keep soda bottles out of the trash. We've been told since grade school to reduce, reuse and recycle. Often with a little bit of creativity, you can find useful ways to keep your "garbage" out of a landfill. For example, here are four ways to re-use the remnants of your mid-afternoon pick me up:

1. Water your plants
Drill five holes in the cap of a soda bottle. Fill the bottle with water, replace the cap and place upside down in the soil of your plant. It will keep your plant watered while you're away on vacation.

2. Help boots keep their form
I put old soda bottles in my winter boots to keep them from getting "slouchy."

3. Create a funnel
Simply cut off the top of a soda bottle and you have a funnel.

4. Bird feeder
Place two sticks through the bottle for birds to perch on. Two inches above stick cut a half-circle flap and fold the flap back to allow birds to eat the seed. Place a hook into the cap of the soda bottle, fill the bottle with bird seed, place the cap back on and hang.

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  1. how big do you make the holes in the cap for the auto. vacation water thingie? Love these ideas!

  2. I just used a cordless drill to add the holes.



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