Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ordinary Home to Extraordinary Home Gym

Last weekend I went searching for my wedding dress with my mom and sister-in-law Megan. I found not one, but two dresses that I'm in love with and am hoping to make a final decision when I return to the dress shop this weekend.

Looking at myself in the mirror all day also motivated me to put my pre-wedding shape up plans into high gear. However, my gym membership was axed as part of my plan to pay for the aforementioned wedding, leaving me to turn my ordinary home into an extraordinary home gym. Here is what I've been using:

1. Stairs - They are the ultimate in home-gym cardio equipment. To get the most from your stairs, try taking two at a time, walking up sideways or using the bottom step as a jump box.

2. Step stool - Use this kitchen staple as a step or use it to jump over from side to side. I find that stepping up and down on my step stool as I'm drying my hair is a great way to multi-task.

3. Chair - Typically, the less time you spend in a chair, the better unless you use it for chair dips, squats or for balance while doing leg extentions.

4. Canned goods and milk jugs - Looking for affordable hand weights? Look no further than your kitchen cupboard. Canned goods will often do the trick. If you need something heavier consider fill milk jugs or soda bottles with sand.

5. Your TV - Turn your TV into a group fitness instructor by renting exercise DVDs from your local library.

6. Wall - The wall is perfect for the wall sit and assisted push ups.

7. Your living room floor - Despite what gym advertisements and fitness magazines might tell us, your living room floor works for pilates, push ups and a plethora of other exercises. Check out fitness sites such as Fitness Magazine or Shape for numerous exercises.

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