Saturday, October 23, 2010

Managing My Make-Up

A few weeks ago, my Mary Kay consultant Alice sent out an e-mail about an upcoming sale. I have had the same basic "look" for about five years and thought it was time to update. My loot arrived in the mail today.


Usually, I only order one or two things at a time, so I was a little overwhelmed trying to figure out how to store all of these little gems. Later in the day, I came across an old computer disk container and an idea clicked:


The metal casing containing most make-up sticks nicely to magnets. I placed the magnet inside an old computer disk container for a slim compact that easily fits in my make-up bag. It is also nice because unlike most compacts, it will still work when the size or shape of the containers changes. This is all you need to make a make-up case:


  1. Container for a 3.5" floppy disk that is no doubt still lurking in your office. You could really use any container that your make-up fits in.
  2. Magnet
  3. Double stick tape
Trim the magnet to fit inside the disk container and attach it to the bottom of your container with double stick tape. Arrange your make-up on the magnet. Make-up that comes in plastic containers can usually be pried out of the container pretty easily, exposing the metal casing.

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  1. What an awesome idea! I love the idea of re-purposing that old disk protector ... and how useful!


  2. awesome! I love re-purposing! :) I am your newest follower!

  3. Totally awesome.



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