Saturday, June 13, 2009

60 Reasons to Use Your Library Card

On Thursday I went to the library with a laundry list of things I needed. On my way out the door, I started thinking about how much money I had saved simply by having a library card. So, when I got home, I added it up and it was $60! Here's how the savings break down:

Now that summer weather has finally arrived in Minnesota, I needed a book to read on my patio. Cost to buy: $13.99 Library cost: FREE

I got a couple of movies to watch over the weekend. Cost to rent for 2 nights: $4 Library cost: FREE Bonus: I get to keep them for a week instead of 2 nights.

I needed some magazines to read on my way to South Dakota next week. Cost to buy at a convenience store: $22.77 Library cost: FREE

The Minnesota History Center has a new exhibit about the Greatest Generation. Blake is really interested in World War II, so I wanted to take him to see the exhibit. Our local library has a program that allows you to checkout passes to museums in the Twins Cities area. Minnesota History Center admission for two adults: $20 Library cost: FREE

Total value of what I got: $60.76
What I paid: Nothing

Library Card Tips
  • Go beyond books. Most libraries offer movies, CDs and magazines in addition to books. Additionally, some libraries offer activity bags and museum passes. Visit your library's Web site or ask the librarian for a library overview to learn about all of the things your library offers.
  • Check for special events or programs. Many libraries offer classes, events and seminars for both kids and adults. Most are free.
  • Ask about book clubs and reading programs for kids  — many libraries provide the incentives you need to get your kids to read.
  • Take advantage of the atmosphere. I often head to the library to brainstorm and work on projects. It's fairly quite, they have nice big tables to work on and if you need some inspiration, there's tons of books to help you out.

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